List Building: The Best Way to Keep Subscribers

DeliverThere has to be a good reason for the current subscribers on your list to stick around.  Nowadays we get emails from everywhere!  So much so that Google has attempted to organize your email on their own.  The key is to keep your readers happy.  These people are your target market.  You know them and you know what they want.

What is the Best way to keep Subscribers?

Deliver. Deliver good content. Deliver good advice.  Deliver products they would really be interested in and are good quality!  Deliver all of this consistently.  I personally have had the experience of letting one of my lists in Aweber sit there for months and not once email them.  This is BAD!  Once I started emailing them they didn’t remember who I was.  Guess what they started doing?  UNSUBSCRIBING! Not a surprise at all.  I didn’t deliver.  I didn’t fill the needs of my target market.  Don’t do this to your subscribers.  Here are a few ways to deliver:

  1. Know what your target market wants.
  2. Keep content on hand to send to your readers.  For instance, set up Google alerts that are based on the keywords for you website.
  3. Use PLR to create more information if you get stuck.
  4. Set up a Blog Broadcast in Aweber.  A Blog Broadcast will go out every time your update your blog with a new post or it can be customized to go out less often.  This will automatically happen.  Once you set it up it is totally hands off!
  5. Create an auto responder series.  An auto responder series is a series of emails that go out automatically.  You can have two emails in a series or 365!  You choose.  These emails will need to be evergreen information or products.  You will talk about things in the series that have nothing to do with dates or holidays, etc.
  6. Set up a schedule to email them a newsletter.  You can send emails, daily, weekly or monthly. These newsletters can be centered on dates and holidays. This is where you will share limited time offers.  Whatever you do just be consistent!

Be Consistent and you will keep those subscribers!


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