DanielleMy name is Danielle Johnson and I have been working online off and on for ten years.  I started with an eBay business and I was successful with that and became a powerseller.  I have been working as an affiliate marketer and content creator for just about five years now.  I have been working as a virtual assistant for three years. My experience has helped me to know and understand what works and what doesn’t.

I am not just any internet marketer or virtual assistant out there.  My education has not come from attending business or marketing school. Nor have I been an executive assistant in my former life.  I am a mom of five and a wife of one. 🙂  My experience and education has come from trial and error.  In this way I can help you to make your business be the best.  I want to help you be the best!  Luckily I had great people to guide me as well and show me the ropes.  That is what I am here to do, help you reach your business goals either through my recommendations or through my skills as a virtual assistant.

I am a hard worker, dependable, funny sometimes and focused most of the time (I do have five kids).  I like to set goals and I keep lots of lists (ask my husband) .  I enjoy helping others accomplish and succeed.  Let me know what I can do to help you!

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